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about us - Kelle

I’m one of those people who have a hard time coming up with stuff to say about herself. I don’t particularly like to draw attention to myself and I always feel awkward when I try to brag about what I do. Hopefully my work paints a clearer picture of what I’m about than what I write on this page.

Photographically I like clean, vibrant, natural colors. In both my image capture and editing I strive for a beautiful, classic, yet creative style of photography. I avoid cheesy poses and editing styles that are going to make you embarrassed of your wedding photos in 5 years. I also avoid the trap of treating all couples the same. Some people are crazy and outgoing while others are more quiet and reserved. Odds are these couples will get completely different, but equally awesome photos on their wedding day. The goal here is awesome pictures that are “you” and not anyone else.

In my free time, I’m a ninja. I have a crazy-good memory when it comes to random facts, details, and life events. Makes me a good person to reminisce with!