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child portraits

Every day your children change and grow. It’s amazing and a bit overwhelming for parents to witness how quickly your little ones become big ones. A photo session with your child lets us capture these memories for you, preserving each special stage and beautiful age.

As parents ourselves, we are always seeking photos that capture our kids personalities. A shy glance. An effervescent giggle. A generous smile. These moments come when parents and kids are relaxed, the setting is casual and comfortable, and children are allowed to be themselves. There’s no rushing, no asking anyone to say “cheese.” We look for every opportunity to catch their unique expressions naturally.

family portraiture

Using the same approach as we do with kids, family sessions are fun, casual, and relaxed. Made for the modern family, the images we create are not what you would expect from a traditional trip to your neighborhood shopping mall.

Whether it’s playing a game of skeeball at Chuckie Cheese, exploring the outdoors, or simply spending time in the comfort of your own home, our session together will be a memorable experience. In our time together, we’ll capture real moments and emotions, genuine smiles and laughs – creating beautiful images that tell the story of your family.

engagement portraiture

This is a service that has been lost over the years and is now restored to it original importance in the wedding hierarchy. Begin your announcement process with a portrait session that you will be proud to have displayed in the papers as well as the homes of family and friends.

senior portraits

When you choose a photographer, you want someone who takes beautiful pictures. Photography is an art and the personality and style of the photographer will have an impact on the style and quality of the end photograph. More then a senior portraits for the yearbook, our senior portfolios offer the experience of a model portfolio in a friendly relaxed session that will showcase your personality.

We believe every girl is beautiful and deserves to have amazing photos to commemorate her high school graduation. We have a personal interest in helping teenage girls develop a healthy self-esteem and realized right away that high school senior photography would be a natural fit for us.

We both know what it is like to struggle with self-image and want to help girls see their true beauty. Every person is beautiful and we want to provide more than portraits. Feeling beautiful is an extraordinary feeling. We want to provide that experience of feeling beautiful!

Yes, senior photos are NOT the only things that happen during your senior year. They are just one piece of a very hectic, stressful (and fun!) year. Just remember: all those events and drama come and go.